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  1. Dear Prof. Monti, The skin on my is face is dry, itchy and peels every day from a long time. I use unguent emoliente extremo but I do not see improovements. What shoud I do with it? Thank you a lot! best wishes: Alex
  2. Dear Prof. Monti! Thank you very much. My face is healing. Your valuable help means a lot for me. I wish you a beautifull summer! Alex
  3. I shaved ~4 days before the apperance of acne, and I do it with the trimmer of electric shaver because of sensitive skin. I thought it is eczema herpeticum. If I press softly liquid comes out of the acne and i felt small pain and itchy. Today looks like in the photo. I clean with permanganathus and put 3 times a day gel astrigente. I start to take antibiotics and oral antivirals aciclovir. It is ok for this? thank you a lot!
  4. Dear Prof. Monti, Thank you for the words of encouragement. Unfortunately, the holiday did not end without incident. The last day I woke up with this itchy acne on my face. I have never had this before. What is this and what should I do with it? Thank you again! Best regards, Alex
  5. Dear Prof. Monti, I would like to thank you for your professional support. We were one week in Lido di Jesolo at the sea, now we are in Croatia at the see as well. It was unbelievable to swim in the sea but, thank to your support I can do it. In some places the salty water pinched my skin for 5-10 minutes but after that was ok. After swimming I do not feel any substantial discomfort. I think thinga goes much better, and I am very close to quit TSW (~after 1,5 year). Greetings from Jesolo and from Croatia! I wish you a beautiful summer!
  6. Dear Prof. Monti! What kind of antiprespirant/deodorant do you recomand to use? I find a stick wich contains only Potassium Alumn (Natural Mineral Salts (https://www.gnc.com/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-GNC2-Library/default/v1622372118757/pdf/490907_lbl.pdf). This may be good for me? Thank you! Best regards, Alex
  7. Dear Prof. Monti! I would like to inform you about my TSW . I can say that my TSW is manageable (I am in TSW from 1st of March 2020). My skin peels less, and I have much fewer wounds. Only on my arms I have some small point-like wounds because of scratching. Where I scratch more (arms, face, waist, chest) there my skin color is dark. Many people say how well I tanned, but unfortunatelly is not because of the sun. The most disturbing thing in my TSW is that around 2 times per day, and one time per night I have moderate itch attacks on my arms, chest, face and scalp. Even though I use kmno I need to scratch it for abut 5-10 minute every itching part of my body, if I not scratch, itching won't pass. I itch also when I sweat. I continue to follow your protocol, and I hope itching goes away. This summer I would like to have the vacantion in Lido di Jesolo. I booked accomodation in July, hope that the sun and the sea will improove a lot my skin condition. I really want to swim in the sea, but I will be very careful with it. Best regards, Alex
  8. Thank you, I will use PEG. I make a picture about the wound.
  9. Thank you. Today the angioma was removed. Dr. said that I shoud desinfect 2 times a day with octenisept spray, and after the oozing phasr I should use Cicaplast cream 2 times a day. I would to know your opinion about the care of the wound. Thank you!
  10. Dear Prof. M. Monti, I would like to inform you about my vascular lesion under my eyes. Because of TSW unfortunately I scratch it more times, and it was bleeding a lot, and It was very hard to stop bleeding. Now for more than 2 weekes looks like in the photos. What can be done to remove it? Thank you! Best regards, Alex
  11. I would like to add that my sleep is much better than at the begginig of TSW but it is not satisfactory yet because of whole body itching.
  12. Dear Prof. Monti! Every morning I wake up with swollen and wrinkle eyes. During the day swollen and wrinkels are calming a bit, but they remain. This is because of TSW? After TSW it will be smooth? (Unfortunately before TSW (before march of 2020) i put cortisone and elidel on it for a few months.) The vascular lesion undr my eye is getting better. Best regards, Alex
  13. Thank you, and I hope that the sun will have a good effect to my skin. Under my eye I have a wound, I think I scratch it and it is bleedig very easy if I toch it, and heals very hard. What should I do with it? Thank you! Alex
  14. Dear. Dr. Marcello Monti, Before I start the treatment of TSW according to your protocol I had a shower once per week to avoid infections. During the baths I had pain on my skin from water, it was very sensitive to water. After shower my skin became very dry, and tight, and only after half a day become to normal feeling. Nowadays, when I bath my children (I do it using nitril gloves), when water is splashed accidentaly by my children to my skin I feel that is also so sensitive to water. Is there any hope that this excessive water sensitivity will go away, and i can enjoy the water again like I used to? Un caro saluto, Alex
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